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What Do Millennials Want in Office Space?

A millennial is anyone born between 1982 and 2000. When[...]

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How to Set Your Employees Up for Success in Your New Offices

It’s no secret that office space is a significant business[...]

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Designing a Productive Office Environment

Your office is more than the place you do business.[...]

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How Physical Office Space Can Grow Your Business

The mark of a business owner and entrepreneur is hours[...]

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4 Things to Look for When Viewing Potential Office Space

Phone conversations with the property owner, pictures, or even video[...]

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12 Common Office Leasing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Renting office space is an exciting time for your business,[...]

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Can You Afford to Rent Office Space?

When you begin dreaming about working in your own professional[...]

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4D Printing and a New Wave of Office Technology

Technology advancement never ceases to amaze business professionals when it[...]

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Using the Olympics to Create Team Spirit

As the 2016 Olympic games are underway in Rio De[...]

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When To Take A Break At Work

Many of us are spending more and more of our[...]

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