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Is Telecommuting Good?

Working from home. A dream for some people, a time management nightmare for others. It takes a kind of resilience and penchant for solitude to work from home. It can [...]

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On A Mission For The Best Money Exchange App

Last weekend, Nicola went camping in the Berkshires with a group of ten of her friends. Someone bought groceries, a couple others drove, and another one paid for the campsite. [...]

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Big Pharma Leaves New Jersey and Vacant Office Space Awaits Impatiently

The pharmaceutical industry used to be a dominating force in New Jersey commerce. However, over the last twenty years times have certainly changed. Today we see the offices these international, [...]

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Everybody Needs To Move To Oklahoma City And Start A Business

Minimal income tax. Low-cost of living. The two things that every fresh-faced entrepreneur wants to hear. Furnished, business ready office suites at cheap and reasonable rates? Sounds too good to [...]

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Turnkey Office Space Comments on Recent San Francisco Commercial Office Space Report

A report released earlier this month has found San Francisco office rents are projected to surpass New York City office rents in the near future. Turnkey Office Space, a nationwide [...]

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The Best Apple Products Of All Time

“Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple.” These words were said by Apple’s senior vice president, Eddy Cue just [...]

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How To Not Fall Asleep At Meetings: A Comprehensive Guide

Molly Schneider is a meeting snoozer. She works as a marketing researcher at a major PR firm in Miami. She’s an active lady, regularly runs half marathons, volunteers at an [...]

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Avoiding The Commuting Plague in Chicago

“My commute is killing me!” Words we have uttered far too often. For the vast population of people who live in the suburbs and drive to the city, there is [...]

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How To Siphon Productivity From Food

It’s 2pm. You woke up this morning riveting with energy and zeal for whatever the day might bring. Now you’re tired, cranky and worst of all, unmotivated. Why do our [...]

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Turnkey Office Space Releases Statement on High Growth Industries in 2014

As a leading countrywide online search service for businesses in need of office space, Turnkey Office Space recently released a statement commenting on the supply and demand of office space [...]

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