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The Cafeteria: The Heart of the Office

It’s lunchtime. Will you be getting take-out? Digging into your brown paper bag? Going around the block to the sandwich shop? Or hitting up the cafeteria? Every office has its [...]

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How to Get Out of Work to Watch FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup. It only comes once every four years. The most anticipated athletic event aside from The Olympics, The World Cup garners billions of viewers and inspires thousands [...]

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The Evolution of the Cubicle

The first office was a dark, small wooden room - the walls glowed from the light of oil lamps and a pot-bellied stove kept the workers (or clerks, as they [...]

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Top 5 Movies About Office Life

“If they can't start a meeting without you, well, that's a meeting worth going to, isn't it? That's the only kind of meeting you should ever concern yourselves with.” Says [...]

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The Architecture of Productivity

A building’s environmental design is intrinsic to the livelihood of a business. Whether it’s an open-floor plan, cubicles, an executive or private suite, the most critical facet of an office’s [...]

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Are E-cigarettes Acceptable in the Workplace Culture?

The electronic cigarette aka the “e-cigarette” or “vapor stick” has become one of the most popular new inventions since it debuted on shelves of department and convenience stores around 2006. [...]

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Top 5 Apps for Office Meetings

Is your office looking for new ways to stay more digitally organized? Are your cubicle mates getting frustrated using FaceTime for conferences? Does your business want to expedite productivity and [...]

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Workers Move Into Their Office and Love It

Menlo Park, CA—Last week data quantifying company, Energtech unveiled its new headquarters on Middlefield St. The business took over the the entire building of the old children’s hospital which closed [...]

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Are You An Office Gossip Monger?

Team Office gossip: a petty issue or a legitimate problem? Recently, it seems like the latter. Last year, a Google employee was fired after forwarding her mom an email about [...]

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The Plight of The New Working Parent

Lately, the internet has been abuzz with chatter over what it means to be a parent in the work place. Much of it was ignited by AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong’s [...]

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