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Virtual Office Company Accepts Bitcoin! Would You?

For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a form of[...]

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Should Walking While Working Be Mandatory?

Searching for health benefits of sitting at a desk all[...]

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Don't Die Cubicle Man!!!!

We recently discovered the now viral video made by Mark[...]

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The Ups and Downs of U.S. Commercial Real Estate

The office space market typically tracks growth in the labor[...]

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Starting Your Business in Two Places at Once

It’s no secret that cities dominate areas of industry. If[...]

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Are Hybrid Coworking Spaces the New Normal?

There’s an office building in New York City’s flatiron district[...]

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How Technology is Reshaping Our Workspace

Over the last decade, the continued and rapid growth of[...]

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How the Office Industry is Changing in 2014

The way we do office space is changing. I’m not[...]

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Top Five Signs You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Office

Think of Roy Scheider causally chumming the Atlantic Ocean when[...]

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The Number One Reason You Absolutely Positively Need an Office

The issue of whether an office is necessary in the[...]

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