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What Do Millennials Want in Office Space?

A millennial is anyone born between 1982 and 2000. When people read those dates, they are always shocked. There’s usually someone who says “I didn’t realize I was a millennial.” [...]

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The Briefcase Replacement: A Low Down

These days fashion is synonymous with office culture. Does your getup match your furnished office? Maybe you need to take a harder look. Sick of throwing on that backpack every [...]

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The Best Jobs for Fresh College Graduates

Youth. Workforce. Unemployment: three words that don’t sound that great together. But in this current economic climate, new college graduates have to face the facts, that landing your dream job [...]

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July Horoscopes for the Office Worker

What does your office horiscope say about you? Aries: It’s prime sales season and you’re overwhelmed and stressed. Breath, stretch and close your eyes and picture a rushing waterfall in [...]

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