Additional Services

Looking for innovative office solutions? Turnkey Office Space is more than just a resource for finding office suites across the nation; we also provide office-based solutions such as:
Hot Desking – this is a common need for the freelancer, or the executive abroad, hot desking provides you with a collaborative office experience. Desks are essentially shared among different renters. This is a quick and very affordable way to secure a desk only when you need it most.
Classroom – sometimes we get inquiries about temporary classroom space. We can pair you with a room perfect for teaching, lecturing, or giving a presentation. Let us know if you need audio-visual equipment and the size of your party, and we can accommodate.
Event Space – need a space to house a business event? We can help with that, too. Contact us directly and we can talk you through the process of acquiring a build-to-serve event space.
Amenities – the office solutions we provide typically come with built-in amenities. Wifi, phone, electricity, water, and more are included in the lease. But sometimes clients need additional amenities. In this case, we can help secure additional amenities for your workspace.
Office Lounge – don’t be shy about asking if there’s an office lounge! We all need a space to relax and you would not believe some of the incredible lounge areas we have been seeing in our new office buildings. Some classy and traditional, and some funky and contemporary – let us know what you’re looking for in an office lounge.
Custom Builds – it’s a common myth that office suites are un-customizable. Most spaces we provide can be altered in many ways (walls knocked down, built up, etc.). If you’re looking for a custom space, contact us directly and we can help you through the process.