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Our Customers

Start-up businesses

Start-up businesses are typically looking for the most cost-effective and stylish solutions for their office space needs. We can deliver customized recommendations that suit both your business philosophy and your budget perfectly.

Industry Professionals

As a new business owner, you may be looking for a flexible solution that suits the needs of your company today and in the future. Turnkey Office Space can help you find short-term and long-term solutions that allow your business to change as the consumer marketplace continues to evolve.

Freelancers and consultants

Freelancers and consultants may benefit from shared spaces or coworking arrangements. The commercial leasing professionals at Turnkey Office Space can help you identify the most practical solutions for these specialty leasing needs.

Large corporations

Larger Corporations may require integrated workspaces that incorporate conference rooms and public areas as well as dedicated office space. We can help you identify the most appropriate solutions for your employees and your public-facing areas and can provide you with support during every step of your office space search.

How it Works

Our Values

You pay nothing

Because we're fast, we're free, and you know what you're getting. We will analyze your options, and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

You’ll find us easy to use

Once you've got an idea of which locations you want to go see, we can arrange for those selected viewings on your behalf. We know your time is valuable, which is why we promise to take up as little of it as possible. We promise to help make your decision easier for you and your company.

You benefit from our relationships

We live and breath the modern workspace industry and take pride in our ability to provide you with superior advice. Our established relationships with office properties allow us to help you better negotiate on price, boost your incentives and receive the best value for your money.

Your inbox stays clean

We promise to always respect your privacy and only send you timely information that is relevant to your search. If at any time you would like to stop receiving emails from us you can easily unsubscribe.

Your info is kept private

Keeping your information secure and private is an absolute foremost concern of ours. We will never share your information with properties or third-parties that are not relevant to your search. Rest assured your information is safe with us.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

We are available day and night to answer any of your questions and will work tirelessly to help you find your ideal office. We are confident that when your search ends you will think of us in high regard.


“Turnkey showed me the right mix of relevant properties in the target neighborhood. After three brief sessions, I had seen 10+ properties and was able to make a decision with confidence. I found Turnkey Office staff friendly, flexible and reliable – a major value added!”

Chris, SolarReserve LLC

“I would recommend Turnkey's service to anyone looking for office space. They have been very helpful with showing us options that can work for our unique requirement.”

Marina Anoshin, fuboTV

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