How it Works

How it works

1. Search

Search our website for office space that interests you. We have access to a wide variety of properties throughout the country.

2. See

See your favorite properties. We'll arrange office visits on your behalf and provide you with a convenient schedule of your tours.

3. Sign

Sign a flexible, short or long-term agreement with the office property that best suits your needs. Move in and work happy!

Our Customers

We offer a wide range of office solutions to a wide range of clients. The following is a short list of the types of customers we help and what they are
typically looking for. We recognize that everybody’s different, but hopefully this will give you a good idea of a typical day at Turnkey Office Space.

The Startup: We love working with startups because new businesses are eager to find office solutions that embody their sense of style without breaking the bank. Let us know your philosophy and your ideal clientele and we can pair you with an office solution that meets your new business needs. Our starter offices are perfect for small teams of people looking to work in a professional, convenient, and fun atmosphere.

Industry Professionals: What’s truly valuable about choosing an office suite, coworking space, virtual office, or any of the other office solutions we provide is the flexibility. Professionals looking to expand their company, establish roots in an area, or acquire a satellite workstation can do so without the heavy risk of signing long-term leases. We help countless professions and larger businesses find innovative workspace solutions.

The Entrepreneur: New business owners have a hard enough time turning their ideas into profitable realities. They shouldn’t have to worry about signing risky long-term contracts and paying for space they’re not going to use. Turnkey Office Space offers scalable solutions. As your business changes, your office does too.

Freelancers: We understand the dance. You have to roll with the punches and accommodate challenging new assignments everyday. Freelancing is all about staying flexible. So we make sure to offer freelancers flexible office solutions – both for their budget and their space. Typically freelancers fall in love with our coworking spaces, but hybrid office spaces are also becoming very popular. Let us know the types of assignments you typically acquire and we can pair you with some excellent workspace solutions.

Our Values

We stand by our principles and always put our customers first. Our corporate philosophy of unwavering commitment to service rests on these six pillars.

You pay nothing

Because we're fast, we're free, and you know what you're getting. We will analyze your options, and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

You’ll find us easy to use

Once you've got an idea of which locations you want to go see, we can arrange for those selected viewings on your behalf. We know your time is valuable, which is why we promise to take up as little of it as possible. We promise to help make your decision easier for you and your company.

You benefit from our relationships

We live and breath the modern workspace industry and take pride in our ability to provide you with superior advice. Our established relationships with office properties allow us to help you better negotiate on price, boost your incentives and receive the best value for your money.

Your inbox stays clean

We promise to always respect your privacy and only send you timely information that is relevant to your search. If at any time you would like to stop receiving emails from us you can easily unsubscribe.

Your info is kept private

Keeping your information secure and private is an absolute foremost concern of ours. We will never share your information with properties or third-parties that are not relevant to your search. Rest assured your information is safe with us.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

We are available day and night to answer any of your questions and will work tirelessly to help you find your ideal office. We are confident that when your search ends you will think of us in high regard.


 Turnkey showed me the right mix of relevant properties in the target neighborhood. After three brief sessions, I had seen 10+ properties and was able to make a decision with confidence. I found Turnkey Office staff friendly, flexible and reliable – a major value added!

Chris, SolarReserve LLC


 This service was excellent and a major time-saver! I received the perfect amount of attention to the specific needs of our office search. The locations suggested were within our price range and always matched our criteria. The customer service was beyond stellar and we couldn’t be happier with our new office!

Chelsea, Hawkridge LLC


 I want to thank Turnkey Office Space for the valuable service they provide. My lease was expiring and I had to find space urgently. Luckily I was able to visit some great properties and make a decision on the same day.

Craig, Volcode Labs 


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