Coworking Space

Coworking space for rent for all types of requirements. The benefits provided by open plan coworking memberships are vast. Imagine coming in to a professional, vibrant work environment every day and working from private or open desks, and having access to meeting rooms, couches, standing desks and more, all for just a few hundred dollars per month. Upgrade your business today!

How Coworking Spaces Work

How coworking spaces work: There are typically a few different types of coworking membership plans, including open coworking and dedicated-desk memberships. Open-coworking allows members to choose from a variety of tables, open desks and couches to work, whereas dedicated desk memberships provide you with a dedicated desk that is yours for the duration of your agreement.


​Ideal for an individual or for freelancers looking for a professional and vibrant environment to work in. Coworking memberships offer much needed flexibility for professionals of all kinds.

High Speed Internet

Enjoy high speed internet and Wifi throughout the space. Whether you have a dedicated or open-plan membership, you’ll receive instant access to the internet on all of your devices.

Ample Space to Work

The open plan concept that has been made so popular by coworking spaces means that you’ll have plenty of room to spread out.

Access to Meeting Rooms and Day Offices

Memberships include meeting room and day office usage. Holding a weekend meeting? Client coming in for a day? Use these great facilities to your advantage.

Comfortable Lounge areas

Take a break from daily activities and spend a few minutes relaxing on a couch or in a lounge chair. Many have flat screens and games. You’re welcome to bring your laptop as well.

Virtual Address

Enjoy complete access to your coworking space, including a business address and telephone answering to give clients that sense of professionalism that you deserve.


Host and attend events, happy hours, classes and workshops in an environment that is perfect for networking, product demonstrations, panel discussions and more.

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