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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Most business centers have numerous meeting room areas for you to hold brief company chats or brainstorming sessions. Meeting rooms are very easy to book and can boost productivity by encouraging you to hold regular collaborative sessions with your coworkers. A testament to the flexible layouts these spaces offer, these meeting rooms are designed to help you work better.
Conference Rooms

Typically conference rooms are for larger and more formal business gatherings compared to meetings rooms, which are usually more relaxed and informal. One advantage of choosing a serviced office for your business is the ease of access to a variety of larger and highly professional conference rooms along with smaller meeting rooms. 
Seminar Rooms

Need to hold a corporate event? Some of our business center facilities have large seminar and auditorium-style rooms that are ideal for lectures, presentations, large gatherings and more. Easy to rent out and conveniently located, these seminar spaces make hosting an event simple and easy to coordinate.

Executives claim they spend nearly half their time in meetings dealing with everything from presentations to brainstorming sessions to job interviews. The meeting room is really the face of the office – it is one of the few-shared areas used for work. So, although it might not seem like a priority when you’re first looking for office space, it really should be.
We always take special care to look into the conference or meeting rooms of every office we list on our site. But we also provide ad hoc meeting rooms. With an ad hoc meeting room you can:
·      Book a conference area for an hour, a few hours, or even all day
·      You can set up a presentation in a room with audio-visual components
·      We can provide you with state-of-art business technology should you need it such as: apple TV, large flat screen televisions, wireless audio, wifi, and more
·      A receptionist stands by should you need to welcome more guests
These ad hoc meeting rooms are especially great if you’re in a new city, meeting a new team, or entertaining clients.
Never settle for the coffee shop meet and greet – get a proper conference room and really wow them!