Meeting Rooms

Corporate meeting space that is​ ​fully equipped and tailored to your needs. From informal gatherings to media-intensive presentations, we can help you find the meeting space you are looking for. Need to hold a one-time conference or perhaps ongoing weekly meetings? Many locations allow for this type of flexibility and come fully equipped with the latest technologies.

Meeting Rooms

Ease of use: Simply book as you need. Many office providers will include a certain number of free conference room hours with your office agreement, so be sure to ask!


Flexible usage of meeting and conference rooms on demand is a ​great attribute to a wide range of professionals and companies of all sizes.

Meeting Rooms

Most locations have small meeting room areas for you to hold brief company chats or brainstorming sessions. These are very easy to book and encourage you to hold regular collaborative sessions with your coworkers.

Conference Rooms

Typically conference rooms are for larger and more formal business gatherings compared to meetings rooms, which are usually more relaxed and informal. We offer ease of access to a variety of larger and highly professional conference rooms.

Seminar Rooms

Some locations have large seminar rooms that are ideal for lectures, presentations, events and more. They are easy to rent out and can seat 100 or more people.

Informal Meeting Areas

Many locations have business lounges or common areas they are great for networking and for informal small gatherings. Think glorified water cooler areas.

National and Global Access

Some locations have a national or even an international presence. Being a member at one location will grant you access to meeting rooms and day offices all over the globe!

Start of the Art Equipments

​All modern meeting and conference rooms come with the latest audio-visual technologies and flatscreen so that you can knock presentations out of the park!

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