Office Suites

Furnished office space that's ready to move into.

Office Suites are cheaper, easier to maintain, and the leases are shorter. But if you’re looking for a space that best compliments your style, you may have a difficult time navigating through the variety of set-ups.

Luckily, we’re more than happy to guide you. If you’re looking for something high-end, we have an excellent assortment of ritzy, cosmopolitan-style business centers. Many come equipped with state of the art technology and elegant décor. On the flip side, we have a great selection of offbeat arrangements and contemporary designs.
The look and feel of your office is a representation of your business and your brand. Contact us and let us know the style and type of office suite you’re looking for and we’d happily prep a list of options.

Why you should consider executive office suites even if you still favor the traditional office space model

Your dream office already exists. It’s out there. And the best part is that it’s already set-up. The trick is finding it. That’s where we come in. Contact us today and tell us about your expectations. We’re confident in our ability to pair you with an office suite that fulfills all your requirements – whether it be a funky modern design with high-speed Internet, or a sleek corporate vibe.
Don’t waste valuable time and money on furniture and moving vans. Everything you need in an office is out there waiting for you.


Single Person Offices

Ideal for an individual or a start-up, a single private office provides a professional and private work environment for one person while offering flexible lease terms and all-inclusive amenities.



Team Rooms

This setup accommodates a working group within one or multiple rooms and allows for easy sharing of information. It is the preferred choice for individual departments or small-to-medium-sized project teams. Layouts are always flexible.



Open Plans

Open plans are dynamic spaces configured as large floor areas, allowing for flexible setups and the accommodation of entire departments or companies, all within an environment that encourages interaction.



Looking for an office with state-of-the-art technology? We can help. Most of the offices listed with us come with high-tech solutions, but feel free to inquire about specific services such as:

- Advanced Network Infrastructure – This is a broad term used to describe hi-speed Internet, wifi, intranet, and more.

- On-Site IT Specialists (Mac & PC) – Useful for any office, an IT team provides support for the inevitable computer problems that come with even the most sophisticated operating systems. Plus, with the types of offices we provide, your IT team will come with the office, freeing you from the lengthy hiring process and overhead costs of putting your own team together.

- VOIP / Voicemail / Fax Solutions – Offices still needs phone lines. In addition to standard voicemail and faxing, the workspaces we provide typically come with “voice over internet protocol”, which is a fancy way of saying “calling using the internet”. VOIP is a great way to decrease phone line costs and they even make standard telephones that are VOIP ready.

- Cloud Storage – Possibly the latest and greatest in office technology, cloud storage hosts all your digital information in a secure server outside of your office. This not only frees up space, it is safer to use cloud storage than to keep all your information inside the office. Cloud storage facilities are highly guarded and well-maintained – unlike your motherboard, which is difficult to protect against viruses, wear-and-tear, and accidental coffee spillage.

- Document Print/Copy/Scan Solutions – Even in a digital age, it’s impossible to function without printers, copiers, and scanners. We only work with offices that have the newest machines functioning at peak efficiency.
One of the major benefits of choosing an office suite, virtual office, coworking space, or hybrid; is that the office technology which is provided for you is also maintained (not by you). With a traditional office space, you provide your own equipment and you suffer all the maintenance fees. With the office types that we offer, you are not responsible for things like wear-and-tear; and you are still free to bring your own equipment should you need any.
Contact us directly for more information about our technology services.