Office Suites

​Move in ready office Space that is ​ pre-built, furnished, and business-ready from the start. These modern workspaces are easy to maintain and are designed to help your business grow and succeed. Rents are inclusive of high-speed internet & phone, maintenance & utilities and conference room usage. Agreement terms are also flexible, so you never have to worry about long-term commitments.

Office Suites

Why office suites are unique: The look and feel of your office is a representation of your business and your brand. Office suites are easy to maintain, affordable, and come equipped with state of the art technologies and modern decor. There are also many different styles to choose from.


Eliminate your start-up costs and focus on your business from day one. With Office Suites, the maintenance is included and the terms are flexible so you never have to worry about long-term commitments.

Single Person Offices

​Ideal for an individual or a start-up, a single private office provides a professional and private work environment for one person while offering flexible lease terms and all-inclusive amenities.

Team Rooms

This setup accommodates a working group within one or multiple rooms and allows for easy sharing of information. It is the preferred choice for individual departments or small-to-medium-sized project teams. Layouts are always flexible.

Open Plans

Open plans are dynamic spaces configured as large floor areas, allowing for flexible setups and the accommodation of entire departments or companies, all within an environment that encourages interaction.

On-Site IT Specialists

Useful for any office, an IT team provides support for the inevitable networking problems that come with even the most sophisticated systems.

Phone and Voicemail Solutions

Our workspaces include unlimited domestic calling and great rates on long distance. You can also port your existing number to your new office without skipping a beat.

Print/Copy/Scan Solutions

Even in a digital age, it’s impossible to function without printers, copiers, and scanners. Our locations have the newest machines functioning at peak efficiency. Easily print, copy, scan, fax and more.

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