Traditional Office Space

What is a traditional office? Most traditional leases are long-term, requiring anywhere from 3 to 5 years commitments. Economies fluctuate. Markets rise and fall. Industries evolve. New marvel characters get their own movies. In other words, perhaps a five year commitment isn't the best. We specialize in office solutions that are alternatives to traditional office space.

Traditional Office Space

When to use traditional space: Traditional Office Space has its advantages for unique requirements and for companies seeking large footprints.


Can be ideal for large companies, mixed use, and those exploring options in additional to serviced office and coworking space.

Long-term leases

Many traditional deals require longer term commitments, from 3 years and up. This may be good for larger established companies looking to set up long-term headquarters. Do you know where your business will be in 3 years?

Unorthodox Layouts

Some requirements are just better fits for traditional space. Need a sink or a bathroom in your office? Looking to organize yoga or exercise sessions? Traditional space can accommodate all sorts of uses.

Unmanaged Space

With traditional space you will be responsible for contracting with your own ISP and Phone, custom build-out, supplying furniture, paying for maintenance and utilities. And the like.

Larger Footprints

Traditional office space is a good solution for large companies of 50 plus employees. At this time the serviced office and coworking space industry is not as well equipped to handle such large requirements.

More Locations

The serviced office space and coworking space industry is still small. There are a great many traditional space options of all shapes and sizes in whichever area you are looking.

Mixed Use

Traditional office space can offer more flexibility with unique requirements such as live-work, second floor retail, medical and more.

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