Traditional Office Space

These solutions include:

Office suites - just like traditional office space only with more built-in amenities included in a shorter-term lease. But like traditional workspace, you can easily renew your lease once it expires. 

Virtual offices - these are all the essential parts of having an office without the actual office. You get a phone number (and call forwarding), a receptionist, meeting rooms when needed, a mailing address, and wifi when you're in the building - but you don't get an actual desk space. This is an easy and affordable way to get the most basic elements of an office without paying through the roof. Some businesses actually buy up a bunch of virtual offices in order to have a bigger presence across the country.

Coworking spaces - these are perfect for freelancers and small businesses. You share a general workspace with others. Typically a co working space comes with wifi, professional quality workspace furniture, free coffee, and more! The environment is conducive to networking and this behavior is rarely discouraged. 

Other innovative solutions - we love learning about new innovations in the workspace industry. A current trend, for example, is the hybrid space (a blend of individual office suites within a coworking center). These new kinds of spaces are only going to grow and develop. Let us know the type of work environment you're looking for and we may suggest a non-traditional office layout that would fulfill all your needs. 

Wanna talk more about traditional office space? Give us a call! We'd love to hear from you.