Virtual Offices

A Prestigious, Globally Recognized Business Address
A Cost Effective, Large Business Image
Call Forwarding from your Virtual Desk to Wherever You Are in the World
Access to Meeting and Conference Rooms As Needed
Telephone Answering Service. Voicemail Messages Sent Directly to your Email
Daily or weekly meeting room space
Pay as you go office space
Other professional services

A smart and cost-effective option for startups and companies looking to broaden their presence is a virtual office. A virtual office includes all the perks of a traditional office without the physical office space. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all the benefits and drawbacks of this trending business practice.

 What you get with a virtual office:

·      A mailing address that receives mail and holds it for you or forwards your mail to you.
·      An office phone number with receptionist and call forwarding.
·      Ad hoc meeting/conference rooms professionally decorated and equipped with state-of-the-art business technologies.
·      Pay-as-you-go office space.
·      Voicemail that’s sent directly to your email.
·      A cheaper way to broaden your territory
·      A larger company image 

What you don’t get with a virtual office:
·      Paying for space you don’t use
·      Paying for amenities you don’t use
·      A long-term and restrictive lease
A virtual office is essentially all the best parts of having an office, but is considerably cheaper because you’re not paying for anything you don’t use. With a traditional office, you need to sign a lease (usually a minimum of 5 years) and then the office is yours whether you’re in it or not. We all know that business is a lot more mobile that it used to be – so why pay for space if you’re always on the go?
With a virtual office, you can schedule to meet with clients in a conference room in Los Angeles – even though you’re actually based out of New York City.
Plus, because virtual offices are so cost-effective, you can lease a couple at a time. Imagine your business card with office addresses in Chicago, New York, and Dallas. Suddenly, you’ve gone from small potatoes to big cheese…mmmm-tasty business.