By now, you’ve probably realized that the featured apps on Apple’s app store are paid positions.

Just the other day, I paid for a featured app thinking it was supposed to be of the highest quality and then realized it was most definitely not. So, what’s the best way to find good apps from non-biased sources? Places like here.

Turnkey Office Space is a new company based in New York City, and just like any other startup, we use apps to make our business run smoother. Here are some of our top recommendations for any business.

1. Buffer – a simple social media updating app (simple being the operative word). We love the easy-to-use design. Just set a schedule for when you’d like to update your social accounts and add the Buffer button to your browser. When you find an article you’d like to add to your update queue, click on the Buffer button and it automatically suggests a title, shortens the link, and asks if you’d like to add it to your Buffer schedule. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Linkedin account to Buffer. This is perfect for maintaining social engagement over the weekends and holidays.

2. Trello – this is another very simple interface for an often complicated issue. Trello is a task management system. You and your employees can easily add tasks to “boards”, which organize your assignments. For example, you could have a board that reads “Today’s Projects” and another that reads “Long-term Goals”. Assign tasks to specific people and tag tasks for further organization.

3. Evernote – this app is great for the individual. It’s a simple note-taking app, but its ability to tag, record audio, and import pictures take it from basic to supreme. It records all your notes to a cloud so you can view them and make changes on any device with the Evernote app.

4. Google Drive – this is less of an app and more of a service that comes with a gmail account. However, Google did release an app version of just the drive feature, which is very nice to have especially on your mobile devices. The Google Drive is quite simply the best file-sharing app out there. You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Share these with others and work together on them in real time. Best yet, everything is saved to the cloud.

There are, of course, many other great apps for startups; but these are must-haves. They simplify some of the more tedious aspects of a startup company, and help you get better organized.

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