<p>Post New Year – that glittery blur will fade and you will be left facing another year with challenges new and old. Perhaps you’ll find yourself thinking about 2013. Regrets? You’ve had a few. But this year will be different.</p>
<p>Follow through with these helpful business resolutions to make your new year unregrettable.</p>
<p>1. Commit to your social media accounts!</p>
<p>Different social media accounts require different levels of involvement, but generally you want to update them regularly (anywhere from twice a day to twice a week). The more you slack off the less exposure you receive. Google has even been known to downgrade social media pages that have not been updated in a while.</p>
<p>2. Make your office an enjoyable place to work!</p>
<p>Have you ever read an article or a study about how workplace décor doesn’t matter? No. Because it does matter. It matters a lot actually. People who feel comfortable where they work are more productive. Spring for the fancy coffee maker! Hire an interior designer! These are costs that will pay off down the road.</p>
<p>3. Redo that out of date website!</p>
<p>A dated website can be worse than no website. In the 21st century, the website is the new first impression for businesses. Make it count. Pay a little extra to get a sleek design and a better user experience.</p>
<p>4. Network!</p>
<p>You always mark down these networking events in your calendar – so how come you never go to them? Oh, because 9 times out of 10 they yield very few valuable connections and leads? You may be right, but that 10th time could make it all worth it. Plus, exposure is exposure. It can never hurt to make your business more well known.</p>
<p>5. Do something different!</p>
<p>The difference between a good business and a great business is that the great business goes the extra mile creatively. This isn’t easy to do and is usually risky – which is why few businesses are great. Think outside expectations and take a leap. This could be a daring new marketing campaign, a ballsy new product, or something no one else has thought of.<br>
While we can’t help with all your new years resolutions, we can help you get an enjoyable place to work. Give us a call and tell us a little about what you’re looking for. We’ll compile a short list of offices, set you up with tours, and even help you negotiate the price.<br>
Have a great 2014!</p>

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