There’s an office building in New York City’s flatiron district with a “chill space” in the basement. This space has free coffee and beer and an assortment of stylish sofas.

Upstairs, you’ll find purposed wood tables and office spaces with glass walls, which seem to function as a metaphor for this workspace environment. Transparency. It can be the difference between a successful first year and a struggling startup still in the red. Many of this space’s inhabitants love the idea of mingling with other businesses right in the same area – sharing tips and sometimes even projects. Unlike traditional office space, this hybrid coworking space/office suite seems to foster a sense of community. There are hundreds of spaces like this one popping up around the US, and the trend is still on the rise.

What’s even better is that the community is not forced upon you. A company that wishes to rent space here has the option of frosting the glass walls of their office for more privacy. You don’t have to use the communal kitchen and free coffee if you don’t want to. You can ask for a bigger space and the management will knock down walls.

Another remarkable advantage of a hybrid coworking space is the scalability. A small business has the option of renting space at one of the communal tables for very cheap. The next step up would be a small “private” office space, followed by a larger and larger one depending on the budget. But everyone gets to share in the amenities, which include:

·      Free wifi
·      Free coffee
·      A kitchen/bathroom area
·      Conference rooms
·      Access to the “chill space”
·      Mail service

It seems like a logical step for the next generation of workspace. The hybrid coworking space offers a sense of community, entertainment, and doesn’t sacrifice any of the benefits of a traditional workspace.
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