Is the high cost of living getting you or your business down?

Dreaming about relocating but not sure of where to? The US is abundant with cities and towns that’ll welcome your blossoming business with open arms. We at Turnkey Office Space have the low-down on what under-dog cities will serve your venture best, check ‘em out!

Austin is a fun, eclectic gem of a city. Rent is cheap, and office space is even cheaper. In a city whose former mascot was a middle-aged cross-dresser, options for entrepreneurship are endless. The annual South by Southwest Festival brings every corner of the media industry together, and it’s the perfect place to promote your budding startup. From 2008 to 2013, employment grew a whopping 13.7%. Since Austin is relatively small and land-locked, competition isn’t crazy either. All inclusive, single person office suites in Austin start around $450 per month.

San Diego. Recently Forbes declared San Diego the top city to start a small business. San Diego is home to only 2 Fortune 500 companies and its small business population makes up most of its total business. San Diego isn’t the place to climb the corporate ladder to launch a global venture capital firm, hence this is why small to medium-sized cities thrive in The City of Motion. All inclusive, single person office suites start in San Diego around $650 per month.

Denver. The most popular industries in Denver are aviation, broadcasting, health care and energy, and each contain realms of possibilities for your new business to thrive and connect. According to Adam Sloss, executive director of the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, Denver is always excited to welcome new business, “When you show up here, there’s always open arms with the new folks. So when a young entrepreneur comes here, we give them a support network and say, ‘we really want you to be successful,’ and that’s something that’s really rare.” All inclusive, single person office suites in Denver start around $650 per month.

Oklahoma City. CNN calls Oklahoma City “a haven for entrepreneurial risk takers”. The Cinderella City has the second lowest median rent in the country! Many local entrepreneurs were former oil and gas workers who are very eager to bring new industry into the city. Today, Oklahoma City is one of the top destinations for biomedical research and science startups. All inclusive, single person office suites in Oklahoma City start around $550 per month. Virtual offices start around $150.

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