Did you know that coworking spaces can boost creativity? It’s true. And that’s more important than ever now when almost one of every three employees in the U.S. works outside of their employer’s office.

What Are Coworking Spaces?

In case you’re not familiar with coworking, it’s a style of work that involves a group of workers, often from varying fields and backgrounds, coming together and working in shared office spaces not dedicated to any single organization. These workplaces are called coworking spaces.

They are popular with all kinds of workers who are not required to be in a specific office setting –such as freelancers, temp workers, startup employees and those who are self-employed.

4 Ways Coworking Spaces Boost Creativity

Researchers have long known that environment has an impact on employee productivity. But the work environment can make a big difference when it comes to creativity as well. Here are some of the creative benefits you can expect from coworking spaces:

  1. Creative Spaces: Coworking spaces that are modern, bright, and have designs that are not only functional, but are open and promote collaboration can really boost your creativity. They are the opposite of mundane, boring cubicles that stifle the imagination. However, many coworking spaces typically do have some quiet areas for when you need privacy or want to really focus on an idea or your work independently.
  2. Ambient Noise – A study publicized in deskmag.com reveals that ambient noise, the type you’d get from a shared office space – has been proven to cause people “to think at a higher, abstract level, and consequently exhibit higher creativity.”
  3. Think Tanks: Coworking spaces bring together an eclectic mix of individuals, including a lot of creative types, with whom you can brainstorm. Essentially you have an instant audience to bounce new ideas off or to help you work through complex problems. Interacting with people from different fields and backgrounds may very well provide you with new perspectives and encourage you to think outside the box.
  4. Access to Services: Because each person in a coworking space has their own skill sets and talents, you will have access to an array of services when you need them for your creative projects.

Start Searching for Coworking Spaces Today!

Now that you know what an impact your work environment can have on creativity, you may be wondering where to find coworking spaces in your area. TurnkeyOfficeSpace has many unique, modern and affordable coworking spaces to choose from, all with lots of room for creativity to blossom.  Search for free now at TurnkeyOfficeSpace.com.



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