Most people can agree that an employee’s work environment can have a huge influence on the quality of his or her work. However, nearly one-third of employees across the nation choose to work remotely. These include freelancers, temps, or those who are self-employed. Working outside of an office has its benefits, but it has also been found to make people feel isolated. They aren’t surrounded by people they can collaborate or network with, and that can be a burden on some people. Employees who are expected to be creative, such as writers, are also more likely to suffer from writer’s block. People looking to resolve these issues should consider a creative coworking space. Coworking spaces are designed to provide remote workers with a collaborative environment featuring people from varying backgrounds.


Creative coworking spaces bring together people from various lines of work. Each person will have their own experience, making it possible to shine a light on ideas and perspectives that you would otherwise fail to consider. Even people that claim to be the most creative will need a fresh idea from time to time to help push them through a project. As David Harrington stated in his Encyclopedia of Creativity, “Psychologists generally believe that creativity almost always involves combining, building upon, and transforming pieces of information.”


People who are working remotely are more likely to get distracted, according to a study by the University of Texas at Austin. When people are working at home, they have access to more forms of distraction such as pets and television. In a creative coworking space, you will be surrounded by professionals who are all focused on getting work done. This can help keep you focused and your creative juices flowing.


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