We recently discovered the now viral video made by Mark McNease entitled The Slow Death of Cubicle Life (part II). If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out now. What’s brilliant is McNease’s slow, softly-spoken dark humor; but we also saw some truth in this video as well.

Tightly packed cubicle life in an office with no character has serious drawbacks. As Mark put it “this is where I sit all day long and lose my mind.”

McNease describes his video as “a sad continuation of psychological torture,” which a bad office space can certainly feel like at times.
The great thing about the kinds of offices we provide at Turnkey Office Space is that they are:

A) Excellently decorated with a full suite of amenities built into the lease, and…

B) Short-term commitments! So let’s say you move into one of our offices and you’re your business starts to expand. Pretty soon your employees need to cram into a space originally designed to hold half the size. In a traditional office, you’d be out of luck – traditional spaces typically require five-year lease agreements. With our offices, you can sign a lease agreement as short as three-months! Just call us up again and say “we’ve out-grown this space, let’s start looking for bigger!”

Our sincere condolences to Mark McNease for his depressing cubicle life – even though your video is hilarious. We understand the importance of being in an office that’s spacious and conducive to productivity.
For more information on the office spaces we provide, contact us directly!

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