How great is the kitchen at your office?

If your answer to this question is anything but awesome, you should rethink your game plan. Not only does a kitchen provide a nice amenity for employees, but it also offers tremendous value to the bottom line of your company. Well-equipped kitchens keep employees around during breaks and lunches. Employees who eat at work communicate better. And better communication drives performance. Besides, a nice office kitchen is just one more incentive for employees to start coming back into the office, right?

Community and communication drives performance

A communication survey and study shows that companies that are effective communicators perform better at a rate of a 47% higher return to shareholders over a five-year period. One reason for this can be because companies that communicate better with their employees also often leads to employees communicating better with clients and customers. While there are many ways you can get your employees to communicate better, one way is by giving them the opportunity to interact more.

Many co-working spaces and flexible office space locations offer amenities such as office kitchens and coffee bars as part of a standard membership. Some even go above and beyond by offering working cafés along with baristas.

A great office kitchen may even lead to better employee retention!

When looking for an office space to rent for you and your employees, consider the amenity of a kitchen and pantry critically. Here are four New York City properties that you can rent that have some of the nicest kitchen areas.

Kitchen at Worth Street Office


This workspaces in Tribeca feature a beautifully-designed kitchen area that includes a variety of seating areas and free breakfast every morning for all of your employees!

The business center has 77 furnished offices that are as creative, vibrant, and sophisticated as their kitchen area. This Worth Street building is located in the heart of Tribeca just blocks away from Broadway, nearby parks, and the Hudson River, not to mention just a short walk away from the world-renowned Tribeca Film Center.

Working in this office center gives you access to wired offices, WiFi throughout the entire building, and a conference and boardroom that has space for up to 30 people, so you can fit all the employees and clients you need in one room.

While some offices have a separate room for a kitchen, this business center features an open kitchen that includes a break room, so your employees don’t have to leave the office to grab a bite to eat. You can take advantage of the microwave and refrigerator for your lunch or dinner. Besides the availability of bringing lunch to eat at work, you and your employees can enjoy a continental breakfast every morning as well as fresh-brewed Starbucks coffee all day long.

The amenities in this office center truly make your employees feel loved.

Kitchen at Studio in Soho