What’s with all the talk about executive office suites and coworking? Well, the way we do office space is changing. I’m not just talking about razor scooters and beanbag chairs; I’m talking about our entire perception of what an office is. Here are two prominent trends occurring right now that you can expect to continue for a while:

1. Executive office suites will become standard

Since the birth of the executive office suite industry decades ago, serviced offices have commonly been associated with startups looking for temporary solutions until they are ready to commit to long-term, traditional space. These types of offices are still great for this demographic, however, there is a shift occurring. Workforces are starting to become leaner and more mobile as larger companies are beginning to realize that it is more cost efficient to expand by opening up satellite offices that don’t require a significant investment in new infrastructures. Executive office suites are perfect for this type of requirement and are more often becoming the go-to solution – as everything is already set up and ready-to-go!

Because our company finds executive office suites for companies of all industries and sizes, we are experiencing this shift firsthand. With the newest evolving office cloud technologies and the highest-speed internet connections being integrated into the infrastructure of these offices and included in rents, it is very likely that this trend will continue, as well as catch on to companies in all markets and of all sizes.

2. More companies will opt for coworking Spaces

A conceptual offshoot of the executive-office-suite-type framework, coworking space is designed for small companies and business-minded individuals who want to work in a collaborative environment that fosters productivity and creativity. It is the definition of shared space, as companies not only share open-plan space with each other, but also ideas.

A recent global coworking survey shows that 96% of people said that “community is an important value among members in their coworking space” and 85% of coworking space operators believe that membership numbers have “risen sharply” in 2012. Coworking space is a great option for new companies that are looking for temporary, modern office space and want to increase their networks.


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