Women are increasingly flocking to female-only coworking spaces where many are finding they are both elevated and inspired by other women. And more and more of these spaces are popping up all over the country.

These female-only coworking spaces are said to free women to focus on their careers without fear of harassment. They are often designed with women in mind, and feature amenities specifically aimed at helping women grow professionally as well as achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Here’s more on why female-only coworking spaces are increasing in both number and popularity across the country.

1-Confidence Building

In a recent article in Entrepreneur about a Manhattan female-only coworking space founded by two women, one of the co-founders said that its members often gain the confidence to take more risks professionally, and many have quit their regular jobs to pursue their own businesses.

2-Female-Centric Amenities

Amenities at female-only coworking spaces cater to women’s needs. They may include day care services, rooms for nursing mothers, “beauty” rooms, showers and workout room. They also feature workshops and lectures by and for women. Some even display artwork and have libraries that showcase works that are exclusively by women.

3-Reduced Stress

Because many standard coworking spaces are male-dominated, some women report feeling less pressure in a female-only coworking space. They feel more comfortable in their own skin, and can interact more freely with other women without having to worry about sexism or sexual harassment. While many female-only coworking spaces don’t specifically ban men, having men in the space is said to impact the interactions between the women in the space.

4-Strong Support Networks

Women in female-only coworking spaces are often diverse, but very supportive of each other. They are usually willing to help and encourage each other to grow professionally. Sometimes members who are more advanced in their careers may even invest in other members startups or help them to get seed money to get their startups off the ground.

Need Assistance Finding Female-Only Coworking Spaces?

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