Leasing a new office is a big and exciting step, but should you choose an unfurnished or furnished office space? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages you might want to consider before making the plunge and signing that lease.

Unfurnished Office Space

When you lease an unfurnished office space, you are basically starting with a blank slate. This is an advantage if you want to have a say about every single item that goes in your office – from furniture to artwork and décor. The disadvantage is that purchasing all these items can be expensive, and it can also take a lot of time and effort. And if you’re not sure how long you’ll stay in the office, you have to consider that the same furniture and décor may not necessarily fit well into your next office space. Plus, you’ll have to pay to move it.

With an unfurnished office, you will also typically have to pay for utilities, phone service, Internet, security and any other amenities you want.

Another disadvantage is that traditional unfurnished offices usually require leases that are longer than those available for unfurnished offices. This limits your flexibility to scale when needed.

Furnished Office Space

Furnished office spaces are more hassle-free. They come with chairs, desks and other furniture which saves you money and time. You can still bring add some of your own furniture if you want and a little of your own personality and pizazz with a few pieces of your favorite art or décor.

Another advantage of furnished office spaces is that utilities, phone service, and Internet are usually included. Plus, you’ll be offered shorter lease terms, often as short as month-to-month. This allows you to easily scale to a bigger space easily.

A disadvantage is that your furnished office space may not be as big as a traditional unfurnished office. However, keep in mind that most furnished office space are in buildings that have common spaces like conference rooms, lounges and reception areas that you share with other tenants. You also have access to many shared amenities like concierge and mail services, coffee bars and security, to name a few.

Want to Learn More About Furnished Office Space?

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