Over the last decade, the continued and rapid growth of information technology has helped shape and grow the workspace industry.

The implementation of the cloud, along with the ability of executive office suite facilities to build, maintain, and continually improve on infrastructures capable of supporting sophisticated, high-speed systems has lead to a decentralization and shrinkage of conventional office space environments. In other words, companies no longer need to spend their valuable capital on build-outs or supporting their own IT infrastructures, and are increasingly realizing the values (and cost efficiencies) of a more mobile workforce by opening up satellite offices across the globe.

With flexible lease terms and thousands of executive office suites in the US alone, it has become a no-brainer for larger and medium-sized companies to use this type of convenient office space to their advantage.
We believe that constantly evolving technologies will continue to shape the serviced office industry. Because our industry survives and evolves by incorporating the latest technologies and IT systems into facilities, the ability of business centers to keep up with these technologies and implement them in cost-efficient ways will help to influence the rate and level of growth of the industry as a whole.

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