<p>What does your office horiscope say about you?</p>
<p>Aries: It’s prime sales season and you’re overwhelmed and stressed. Breath, stretch and close your eyes and picture a rushing waterfall in your office. Let it drown out the noise of meetings, typing and chatter.</p>
<p>Taurus: The heat is exhausting, and its up to you, Taurus to decide if you want to give up or sweat it out. When things in the office get too hot to handle, take a walk or go out to lunch and then get back to the grind.</p>
<p>Gemini: You’re feeling stuck and cramp in your current work environment. This month is about change, Gemini. GiveTurnkey Office Space a call and help them find your business an office with ample space and spectacular views.</p>
<p>Cancer: Sitting and slouching haven’t been your friends lately, Cancer. It’s time for that transformation you’ve been dreaming about. You might want to invest in that sleek new ergonomic chair or that hip, new treadmill desk. A healthy work practice is a happy one.</p>
<p>Leo: There’s been a lot of restructuring going on at the office lately. Teams are being shuffled around and there’s been a surge of new assignments. Work relationships are important, Sagittarius. Take some time to get to know your colleagues; schedule a happy hour or a dinner, you’ll be grateful.</p>
<p>Virgo: Concentration is your ultimate motivator this month, Aries. Stop clenching your teeth and tell your cubicle mate who plays CandyCrush with the volume turned all the way up that your ability to focus is in jeopardy.</p>
<p>Libra: You just got promoted or heard good news about your position. Take this opportunity to celebrate yourself and career. Buy your cubicle, suite or desk a new plant or treat yourself to new business attire. Onwards and upwards, Libra.</p>
<p>Scorpio: Executive suites, hybrid work spaces, co-working spaces, working from home, you’re bogged down with office space options for your growing business. This month is about asking for guidance, Leo. Give TurnKey Office Space a call and have them show you the way.</p>
<p>Sagittarius: Something’s not right or something’s missing, Scorpio. This isn’t the career path you envisioned for yourself or you’ve had a change of heart. July is the month for exploring new options. Change can be scary, but finding happiness in your work life is what’s most important.</p>
<p>Capricorn: Challenges are going to be abundant in the workplace this month, Capricorn, and perseverance is your one and only weapon. Stay strong and be confident. What you have to bring to the table is integral to your business’ mission.</p>
<p>Aquarius: You’re feeling bored and disinterested in your job lately. Maybe business has been slow or you’re just not being challenged. July is your time to brainstorm. What ideas or projects could you instigate at your company to make your career more valuable to you, Aquarius?</p>
<p>Pisces: Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture, Pisces. You’re so dedicated but sometimes you need to step back and take a look at your true career aspirations. July is your month to reflect and figure out what kind of worker you really are.</p>

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