Whether your New York office suite is empty when you move in or fully furnished, you’ll want it to make a great first impression on everyone who visits or works there. You’ll not only want it to function well from a design standpoint, but want it to reflect a bit of your own personality and style since you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Here are five tips for stylin’ your New York office suite, whether you’ve just moved in or been there a while.

1-Face the Door

Arrange your desk so it’s the focal point of your suite and make sure you are facing the door. This way you can immediately see and greet visitors. But that’s not all. This also gives visitors the impression that you are attentive and on top of things.

2-Provide a Welcoming Place for Visitors to Sit

Even if your new office has an awesome shared reception area, it’s a good idea to provide some space in your own office suite for at least one or two visitors to sit. This may simply be a cozy chair beside your desk, or it may be a separate space near the door You can make such a space welcoming with a rug, comfortable seating, and a small table with some reading material.

3-Add a Touch of the Great Outdoors

Add plants to your office space. They not only make it more inviting, but research has shown that plants are very beneficial in workspaces. They make the air cleaner, which helps to reduce illnesses and has even been shown to help increase productivity.

4-Provide More Lighting Options

Add your own lamps for both style and ambience. Harsh fluorescent lights can be hard on the eyes so mix in a few of your own lamps for softer lighting. Also take advantage of natural lighting if your office has windows.

5-Let Your Personality Show with Décor

Your office décor is a great place to integrate your own style and personality.  Decorate your walls with artwork that you love; add pillows to cozy seating in colors or patterns that you like; and also consider drapes and rugs that reflect your own tastes. Don’t forget to add photos of your family and friends on or near your desk so you never lose sight of what matters most.

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