It’s almost that time again – that special American holiday featuring deliciously unhealthy food, beer, and shouting at a TV.

Hmmm…that could actually be a lot of American holidays. The Super Bowl will commence at 6:30PM EST on February 2nd with the Seattle Seahawks up against the Denver Broncos. In honor of the event, New York City is hosting a number of NFL-themed events along a strip in Times Square.
Super Bowl Boulevard will be located between 34th Street and 47th Street on Broadway. The festivities have already begun.

But what does this all mean for local businesses? We predict great returns. Tourism, location, and the Super Bowl event will all factor into a grand increase in sales. The fanfare is so massive this year that even non-sports-lovers might want in on the action. Expect special deals on drinks and foods, live music, and more.

If you’re a startup business in NYC, you might want to take advantage of this influx in spending and foot traffic. If there was ever a time to hand out promotional material, this would be it.

Are there downsides to the Super Bowlevard? Of course. Traffic jams, heavy drinking, and claustrophobia just to name a few. We want to warn anyone who is looking for office space in Times Square that this won’t be the last of the colossal events held right outside your window.

When searching for offices in NYC, there’s so much to consider. Neighborhoods rise and fall like the stock market, and depending on what kind of business you own, you might want to consider a different location than the all-popular Times Square. Still, some businesses need the Time Square advantage.

Got a thought about the Super Bowlevard? Let us know on our Facebook page. If you need tips on where to find office space in NYC, give us a call.

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