It’s no secret that cities dominate areas of industry.

If you want to get into publishing, come to New York City. For film, move to Los Angeles. That’s not to say that there aren’t pioneers of industry starting up businesses in Portland or Springfield, but for now it’s safe to say that the old realtor motto, “Location, location, location” still very much applies.

But what if there was a way to have multiple offices for half the price of one? Let’s say one in New York and one in California. I know it seems costly and impractical, but trust me it’s very much what people are doing these days. Imagine your business card with multiple office numbers and addresses. Potential clients and investors would certainly be impressed to see you expanding so quickly. Your presence will be established within multiple communities and your business has the potential to come up more frequently in search results.

No, it’s not a trick. It’s not just paying for a local phone number. It’s actually having an office in multiple cities. Your company’s name will be on the door in two or more office buildings.

It’s called a Virtual Office – although despite it’s name there’s really nothing virtual about it. With a Virtual Office you get: a receptionist, a mailbox address, call forwarding, a furnished conference room professionally decorated, a phone number, wifi, and more. The reason this option is cost effective, especially for startups, is because it’s pretty much everything you need of an office minusthe actual office.

In generations previous, the office served as a way of defining your business. It was often your first impression of a company, and typically a company would stay in one place for many years. Things have changed, and the need for an actual office space is dwindling. A Virtual Office is for the 21st century business.

Unlike a traditional office, a Virtual Office has a short lease term. Whereas if you were going to move to a major city and sign a lease, you were expected to be committed for five years (sometimes more!), a Virtual Office provides you with immense flexibility.

With thousands of new businesses starting every year, the choice to have a Virtual Office is definitely on the rise. Some companies opt to have one central location and then multiple Virtual Offices scattered throughout the country.

We can help you decide if a Virtual Office is right for your business. Just give us a call at 888-282-8555.

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