Is your office looking for new ways to stay more digitally organized?

Are your cubicle mates getting frustrated using FaceTime for conferences? Does your business want to expedite productivity and enhance work practices? There’s a lot of wisdom entrenched in app technology that can seriously strengthen the caliber of a workforce. We’ve got a excellent list of apps that guarantee to improve administrational tasks and accelerate meetings, no matter what realm of business you’re in: non-profit, start-up, franchise, or an internet-based company, these apps have been tested for success.

1. iThoughts (iPhone and iPad)

This app is great for project management and meetings. iThoughts eliminates the need for spreadsheets and charts. Its easy and simple interface allows workers to quickly plan and create comprehensive assignments, tasks, and schedules. Just tap and drag to create project bubbles and repeat to add details and assign staff.
2. Lync (PC, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad). It’s like the executive assistant you always wish you had. Lync’s agenda feature allows you to cut to the chase at meetings with its striking list of talking points visible to all participants. With just one click, Lync lets you easily host virtual meetings with up to 5 people. It also includes the share screen feature, which on Skype requires a paid account to access.

3. Meeting Pad (iPhone and iPad)

For project managers and coordinators who work in fields with heavy technical and equipment focuses, Meeting Pad is excellent for enforcing deadlines, organizing staff, budget details, and project progress. It also allows users to input audio recording and includes a feature for taking notes. The calendar can easily link up with your iCal and Google calendar. There’s also a DropBox integration element, so you don’t have worry about loosing files.

4. GotoMeeting (iPhone and iPad)

GotoMeeting allows you to schedule and conduct virtual meetings, no-frills style, think of it as a more basic version of Lync. If you want to make your discussions secret, it has the capability of putting passwords on your schedule details. Similarly to Lync, it’s easy to show slide presentations, spreadsheets, and reports with participants.

5. OneNote (PC, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad)

This concept of OneNote is a notepad with infinite pages that you’ll never loose. Its pages are easy to share which makes it great for work teams that are brainstorming collaboratively but can’t physically meet up. There’s also the video and audio feature that allows you to record when typing isn’t possible.

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