<p>An NYC-based online search service that helps companies find great office space solutions for their business is now open.</p>
<p>Co-founder Jonathan Bachrach explains how&nbsp;Turnkey’s service will offer customized searches and dedicated consulting.</p>
<p>Looking for office space online leads to an assortment of search and consulting websites. Typically, these websites let people browse through properties by region, and then (depending on which properties the clients choose) put them in touch with the building managers.</p>
<p>“It’s all about user experience,” says Turnkey Office Space co-founder, Jonathan Bachrach. Jon knows the insides of this system because he worked for one of the largest office search and consulting companies in the world. “We wanted to start a company that offers something more personal and provides individuals and companies with workspace solutions that they would not have found otherwise. Starting a business is difficult enough, and every aspect matters. Our personalized approach allows people to focus on their businesses while we focus on their office search.</p>
<p>Bachrach also mentions that his company will provide you with everything the major search and consulting companies offer plus:</p>
<p>-A tailored, pre-qualified list of recommendations</p>
<p>-Price negotiation to help companies find the best values on the market</p>
<p>-Alerts for special deals</p>
<p>-In-depth knowledge of the industry</p>
<p>-Non-traditional office solutions</p>
<p>Turnkey Office Space works with all of the major workspace management companies in major cities throughout the US, but they are also focused on giving attention to the smaller markets and providers as well. “By having a solid understanding of the many different styles and types of office suite providers in each market, our personalized approach allows us to provide options that are tailored to a company’s specific needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the right space, not the most popular one,” says Bachrach.</p>
<p>Turnkey Office Space is a countrywide search and consulting company for workspace. They specialize in office suites, virtual offices, and coworking spaces. Turnkey can be reached via their website <a href="https://www.turnkeyofficespace.com/">https://www.turnkeyofficespace.com</a> and by phone at 1-888-282-8555.</p>

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