A virtual office might be just what you need to impress potential clients and investors who, let’s face it, aren’t all that easy to impress these days.

As consumers, we’ve grown weary of the hard sell and the smooth talker. We’ve seen all the tricks, and they’re not getting by anyone anymore. For investors, it’s the same thing. Talk is cheap; they want to see growth and fast. So if you’re a small company, a startup, or even pre-revenue; don’t make the mistake of printing your home address on your business card.

What’s worse is a PO Box. When someone sees that, they’re going to think “why are you being so inaccessible?”

But offices aren’t cheap and for traditional spaces you have long term contracts to worry about. Is your business at a place where you can commit to being in the same office for five years? Add up the rent for that long – how much does it set you back?

This is a why so many businesses are taking to coworking spaces and office suites. They’re quick, easy, and all set up for you. Plus, they don’t force you into long-term contracts.

But even these options aren’t for every business – especially in the early stages. This is why we provide search and consultation for virtual offices. They’re the cheapest option available and provide you with everything you need in an office.

What’s the catch? The reason virtual offices are more inexpensive is because they provide you with space by reservation. The conference and meeting rooms are yours to book when you need them. But you don’t get the four walls and the desk of a traditional office. You can still work out of the home, garage, or coffee shop; but on your business card you’ll have a prestigious address in a coveted location.

You even get call forwarding, a receptionist, and mail holding.

You can read more about the benefits of virtual offices here. But we thought we’d take the time to let you know just how to best utilize these relatively new assets.

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