For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency.

Reddit proudly advertises it as “Magic Internet Money”. And despite widespread scoffing, Bitcoin has gone from 1 = $5, to 1 = $700. Still, Bitcoin might as well be worth $0 if no one accepts it as a valid form of currency. Actually, the rarity of Bitcoin has probably been the reason it’s still around. Government regulations were unclear when Bitcoin first hit the market and so the mysterious magical Internet money has since been associated with the purchase of NSFW-type stuff. But all that might change in the near future. One company, not unlike ours, is accepting Bitcoin and making a huge statement in doing so.

The company is called Alliance Virtual Offices. They specialize in the virtual office industry, which is something we do as well. The workspace industry has always been curious about new innovations and ways to use the Internet more wisely for businesses. But this is a huge step!

By accepting Bitcoin, Alliance is doing two things:

1. They’re being very risky – Bitcoin has only been around since 2009 and there is widespread debate about whether this currency will even be around in the next ten years. Plus, the USD to Bitcoin exchange rate is constantly fluctuating. In the last two weeks, Bitcoin lost approximately 500 points. This was due in part to the shutdown of a very large China-based Bitcoin exchange company.

2. They’re being revolutionaries – It is quite possibly a workspace industry first. Alliance is making a statement about the future of currency. They’re saying, We acknowledge Bitcoin not as a novelty or as “play” money for online gambling, but as a valid form of payment.

So we’d like to pose the question to you. Is it right what Alliance Virtual Offices is doing? Should more businesses accept Bitcoin? Please comment on this article on Twitter @TKOfficeSpace or on our Facebook page.

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