Some companies want the bells and whistles, while others could care less about amenities. The type of coworking space you choose will depend on how you define your company.

We hear it all the time - “Just find me a place to work! I don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles.”

If you prefer to rent office space in new york or any other city to do your business without a long list of amenities that you won’t use, there are many office space providers with locations that are perfect for you. However if you happen to enjoy the extra perks, there are also plenty of locations that fit your style of company as well.

Here we compare two New York City coworking space. After reading about what is included in each location, you can decide what is best for your company.

An amenity-rich environment

If you like an amenity-packed environment, consider renting at this shared office space in FiDi.

With an office space that is located on the corner of Canal Street and Broadway in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, you are sure to get some flash. Tribeca is home to loads of innovative companies that work in industries like media, technology, film, and fashion.

Getting to your office location requires you to navigate old streets with many restaurants, cafes, and retail shops, and it can be a creative professional’s goal to work in a shared space such as this.

You can be a single entrepreneur or have a team of people looking to get back to the office. The open design brings out communication and activity, and is social-distance-friendly. While some companies can’t handle the energy, many creative businesses and entrepreneurs live by it.

The space contains amenities like conference and meeting rooms, on-site support staff, fast WiFi, and cleaning services. It is exceptionally modern with stylistic lighting, designer furniture, loads of colors and design elements, and a lot of natural light through large, wide windows.

When you need a break, you can head to the kitchen and lounge area to have a snack, a coffee, or just relax in the comfortable, laid-back seating.

Networking is bound to happen in this open environment, and people with outgoing personalities absolutely love spaces like this.

A less fancy workplace