If you’re in the market for a new office, then you know how confusing the search can be.

Everybody wants to sell you on their property, and so everyone is going to claim that their office space is the best for you. The truth is that there are so many factors that go into a successful pairing of business and office space. At Turnkey, we know this all too well. It’s not our job to sell you on OUR office space – it’s our job to find you the best office space for your business.

We’re always here to chat with you about what offices might work for your company, but as a general rule, we consider the following three factors when trying to pair a business with the perfect workspace:

1. Location – Location must be taken into consideration when looking for office space even if the bulk of your business is online. If you happen to be in the e-commerce market then you can ease up on high-end locations, but you still need to consider entertaining partners, investors, and enticing potential employees.
There’s also civic pride to consider. Wherever you move to, understand that you are, by default, entering a community. Think of Google in San Francisco and Starbucks in Seattle. Cities and businesses can pair like wine and cheese – or not. So ask yourself where your business NEEDS to have its headquarters. What community do you want to be a part of?

2. Flexibility – Can you build out your office? Can you move easily? What happens when you need to employ more people than the maximum capacity? These are all questions of flexibility. Some traditional office spaces are very inflexible, and so when we’re trying to pair you with the right space we take the future of your company into account. Understand your lease options, as well as your ability to make modifications to the office space. Plan to grow.

3. Proper Amenities – It’s so important to make sure your office has the infrastructure in place for you to conduct your business effectively. Typically we recommend selecting office suites for businesses that need ready Wi-Fi, conference rooms, televisions, and high-speed Internet upon move-in. These services are not always available in traditional offices.

We’re always here to discuss what to look for in an office more specifically. Give us a call or select the Live Chat option. Happy searching!

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