The phrase windowless office doesn’t exactly evoke images of green pastures and unfettered productivity, however with an open mind there are countless ways to customize an interior office to make it just as comfortable and appealing as a corner office with a great view – at the much cheaper rent!

After spending long hours in an office, you want your workspace to be an extension of what you love most, your home. What some may have an idea of a confining space may turn out to be a creative haven. An office is often thought of as an extension of home and it is a space that needs to be invested in for its inhabitants to be productive and motivated. 

If you just landed a great location for your business and find yourself with an interior office, you have a blank canvas (and endless possibilities to customize your space) to fulfill all of your needs with an endless possibility of customization options. There are countless benefits to personalizing your workspace as well. A recent study by psychological scientists, Gregory A. Laurence, Yitzhak Fried, and Linda H. Slowik, stated that, “Creating a place of one’s own in an otherwise public workspace environment should further contribute to individuals’ positive cognitive and affective states, resulting in enhanced mental resources, enabling better coping with the potentially debilitating interferences associated with low privacy.” If you are spending a majority of your life dedicating your time and effort to work, there are great benefits to curating your environment to fit your needs and desires to promote productivity.  “Research by Katharine H. Greenaway (2016) found that we are more productive when working in spaces that signal identity. They began by noting that people generally perform better within spaces that support important identities, and experience negative outcomes within identity-threatening spaces.

Small changes can go a long way toward inspiring some of your best work and productivity. If you are lucky to find a diamond in the rough and rent a great interior office here are some ideas to design the blank slate.

First consider, adding lighting that can brighten up a room with the potential to create an illusion of sunlight. Choosing warmer lights instead of fluorescent bulbs can make a huge difference in terms of eyestrain. It is even possible to add the illusion of windows by adding light with airy drapes. This effect can create the idea of having windows. 

Next, choosing a paint color to brighten a room is key to enhancing your emotional and mental well-being, providing motivation to enhance productivity.  Soft grays, blues and pinks can brighten up a room and have been known to evoke cheerfulness. The addition of pictures and photography can also be customized to make a workplace feel like you are looking into the Sahara desert or enjoying a sunset on the coast of Maui. The possibilities are endless!

If you don’t have a view of the natural light and plant life outside of an office window, why not bring in plants to make the space feel bigger and brighter.  There are species of plants like ferns and palms, that do not require sunlight that would add the extra component to an office to make it feel more like home.

Lastly, location, location, location!  A windowless office space may be more affordable in an area that is thriving with productivity, and may put you closer to a network of professionals in your industry that office space with numerous windows and a view of a park, but in the outskirts, might not.

With the combination of all of these elements, the possibilities are endless when customizing a windowless workplace.  By making small changes with the lightening, color and inside objects, you can create a harmonious workplace that will boost, creativity and promote productivity. For more information on great windowless offices for rent, check out search our website and discover all of the great possibilities!

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