So your friends are jealous because you get to work from home every day. But what they don’t get is that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. Sure, you can keep your pajamas on and snack all day, but that gets old after a week or two. While we can’t deny that there are some advantages to working from home, doing it day in and day out can have a number of disadvantages such as:


A lot of people who work from home begin to feel isolated after a while. They don’t get to see teammates in person very often, chat over coffee breaks, or stay up with changes that may be going on in the office. It can also be hard to feel like you’re part of a team when you only interact with coworkers by email, chat messages or on conference calls.


While it may be a plus that you can throw a load of laundry on or throw something in the oven for dinner while your home, these same kind of household chores can distract you from your being productive at work.  This is especially true for those who work while taking care of children at home or when other family members are around.

3-No Boundaries

When you work from home, your home is no longer your haven. It can be hard to draw the line between home and work, especially if you are self-employed or have a flexible work schedule. Not only can family, household chores and even pets distract you from work, as mentioned previously, but work can seep into your home life as well. You can never leave work because it’s in your home.

4-Lack of Camaraderie

When you are home by yourself all day, you miss out on the camaraderie that is typical when you see others every day in an office. You miss out on socializing and making new friends at work.

5-Missed Opportunities

Because you aren’t communicating with coworkers or managers as much as you would if you saw them in person each day, you may miss out on opportunities. You may not hear about that new job opening or that last-minute opening for the trip to Hawaii for a conference.

There are a number of other disadvantages to working from home too that we haven’t even mentioned. For example, it’s harder to reach coworkers when you need them, it’s harder to collaborate, and there’s no one readily available when you need to bounce an idea off someone.

Coworking May Be the Solution

Fortunately, coworking addresses many of the issues we’ve mentioned, while giving you all kinds of options to choose from. In coworking spaces, you get to work in a large space with other like-minded professionals and even have a dedicated desk area if you want one. Most coworking spaces also have conference rooms where you can hold meetings and private areas when you need to really concentrate.

They come with all kinds of different amenities which vary by location such as free WiFi, free coffee, snack areas and kitchens, to name a few. You can also choose how often you want to use the space – every day, just a few days a week, or only a few hours when you need to get out of the house or focus on a particular task.

Where Can I Find a Great Coworking Space?

Not sure where to begin your search for a coworking space, we’re here to help. TurnkeyOfficeSpace has many unique, modern and affordable coworking spaces to choose from in many cities across the country. Search for free now at TurnkeyOfficeSpace.com.



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