“Successfully securing a workplace involves implementing the idea that employee is involved”

In a world where corporate theft has become more sophisticated and continues to look for ways to obtain sensitive information, the constant need to improve workplace security is ever-present. Organizations must work hard in order to stay one step ahead workplace threats. This can be very distracting, but luckily with new security advances that make monitoring of cyber and physical theft easier, companies can continue to focus on what matters most – the bottom line and keeping their workers happy. 

Enforcing new security procedures, training and re-training employees and incorporating new technology into the workplace can be a daunting task. A threat can appear anywhere at any time, it may be a disgruntled worker or a cyber security threat, and it is imperative to enhance your workplace to be prepared. An article from Edward Lowe states that, “your employees expect you to provide a safe, non-threatening work environment. Threats, violence and unsafe working conditions lower both productivity and morale. You can delegate some aspects of workplace security, but you must oversee the process to ensure everyone treats it seriously. By raising awareness and reinforcing the need for vigilance, you send the message that safety matters.”


Employees need to be taught to practice their awareness to judge threats. This awareness plays a key role in stopping a security risk at the front line and creates a strong backbone for possible future threats. Successfully securing a workplace involves implementing the idea that every employee is involved.  It is not just a security team handling security related issues; because a successful security enforcement plan begins with everyone.  All workers play a crucial role in creating a secure work environment.  

Building Security

This idea refers to the need to rent office space in a building that maintains a strong building security presence. Even class B and C buildings usually have some form of building security. Before moving in, it may be a good idea to assess the overall security infrastructure and processes of the building in order to make sure that it is conducive to your line of work. Strict security enforcement of guests in building lobbies can sometimes also serve as a deterrent to frequent clients or businesses with higher-volume traffic who clients may want to remain anonymous, so it’s important to find a happy medium in a building that offers the right solution for you. 

Embracing New Technology

Technology is advancing at rate that enables new security products to be released monthly. Keeping  an eye on the newest tech security breakthroughs relevant to your industry is always a good idea. Google alerts and staying on top of daily/weekly trade publications is a great way to do this and to stay on top of your industry in general.  

Technology ranging from text messages to cameras in the workplace not only enforce safety, it can prevent future threats.  Staying innovative is essential to the strength of a work environment.  Author of the site iofficecorp, Elizabeth Dukes, observed that, “the security of company information can be severely compromised without the implementation of proper channels of technology and software. Just as savvy hackers are using technology to try to gain access to a businesses' sensitive information, so should a company implement innovative technology as a safe haven against such breaches of security. Technology in the workplace helps to make sure that information is accessible only to the right people, and makes it nearly impossible for pertinent company information to be leaked.”

Risk Assessment

The most crucial part of enforcing and understanding security in the workplace are risk assessments. Risk assessments highlight vulnerabilities within a company’s infrastructure and suggest ways to make productive changes for the future. In a blog article from LMJ, risk assessments are discussed in detail, stating “a significant amount of money is lost by businesses through security breaches each year. Although it is impossible to be totally secure, the more you can do to reduce the risk, the more you can protect your staff and your assets. There are security experts that you can call in at any time if you think your company’s security needs strengthening.”  

Every industry is different, and depending on any given set of priorities and sensitive information, there are myriad ways of enforcing security within a workplace. A key to implementing a successful strategy is by staying connected to employees and encouraging them to maintain awareness at all times by reporting any questionable issues or concerns immediately up the chain of command. They are the eyes and ears for any potential threats and are on the front line of assessing risks. While new policies are always being created, it’s the procedure and implementation of these polices that will help keep a workplace secure.  A continuous open line of communication with your employees is the fundamental idea to enforcing safety within a work environment.

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