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Sheridan is a small town in the Cowboy State that’s making a big name for itself. Located in northern Wyoming and surrounded by many national parks, Sheridan sits among the sprawling cattle ranch land of the middle Americas. A town that will give you a look into the authentic American West, visitors can stay in the historic Sheridan Inn that was once managed by the infamous Buffalo Bill. The city is also home to the Mint Bar which opened its doors in 1907 and is the oldest bar in the state of Wyoming. Put this charming western city on your list when searching through our office listings in Wyoming.

N Gould, Sheridan, 82801 Starting at $1208

This suite offers one of the only Class A office spaces in Sheridan WY, and the only Class A office space in downtown Sheridan. You get to work in our completely remodeled building set back to original status. Diamond door knobs, push button lights, brass light fixtures, and it could go on and on. It provides you an office space to clear your mind and work efficiently that is how it could only have been dreamed and conceived in 1908. This executive offices is located at 30 N Gould. this building was established in 1908 as a printing shop to facilitate the needs of the local settlers. Must like our past, it service clients from around the world, looking to find a better home than their current environment. The only difference is a hundred years and the fact that it servicing businesses, not homesteaders. It would be fun to see the faces of the original construction workers showing them how people from random countries could go online and establish a business presence in Wyoming in a matter of minutes.


Cross Streets: At East Brundage Street

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