Only a few weeks into the new year (and new decade), and already new stressors may be effecting your daily life.  Stress triggers not only occur in the workplace, but outside the office as well. Everyone has had a day in their professional career when they are irritable and often angry.  This short fuse can lead to burnout.

There are countless products aimed to destress your body ranging from stress balls to small soothing water fountains. Ironically, the endless products to choose from can cause even more anxiety to the average consumer when trying to decide which one is best. Picking a few good ones can make a huge difference and work wonders. According to forbes.com, “stress naturally occurs in the workplace. When left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on employee health and productivity.  In fact, stress has been associated with physical problems like a weakened immune system, stomach aches, high blood pressure, hair loss and headaches. It can also cause problems with concentration and teamwork—and ultimately productivity.”

For decades, is has been proven that stress can greatly impact the quality of someone’s life and in some cases, even shorten it. When stress is wreaking havoc on a person’s life, all aspects will suffer. Stress can be broken down in two main categories.  One, stress that is caused outside of the workplace and the second is stress that is caused within the workplace. No matter the cause of stress, it is imperative to one’s health to manage it successfully with it overtaking you.  A study from the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies looked at French workers both before and after a law in France reduced the maximum allowable workweek hours from 39 to 35. The researchers found that those extra four hours of weekly work increased the likelihood of smoking, alcohol consumption and a lack of regular exercise. These three health behaviors are known risk factors for serious long-term ailments like heart disease.  Job stress is also tied to hypertension, obesity and even depression. Any one of these factors makes life more difficult and can even increase your risk of death. A study published in March in the journal Management Science looked at the effect of 10 sources of stress in the workplace and found that all of them contribute to increased health care spending among workers, and many to an increased risk of death. These workplace stressors, which have been linked to cardiovascular disease and poor mental health, are responsible for more deaths annually than diabetes, Alzheimer’s or the flu, according to the researchers.

Now that research has backed up the proven effects of how distress can be disastrous to one’s health, the key to regulating stress levels is finding healthy coping mechanisms to combat it. There are even products designed for this specific purpose. Below are some of the top products to increase workplace productivity while maintaining healthy stress levels.


With a new decade just beginning, technology is busier than ever and during this time of year you can find great deals on most products. Almost all phones, watches and small speakers are easily accessible and can play music.  Is known to improve biometrics, self-esteem and mood. Listening to music regularly is something easy to do and also something we can control.

Another, great way to calm your nerves is a small white noise machine. Often de-stressing by sound might be the most convenient. Downloading sound machine style apps or even playing a calming video from YouTube can be the most efficient and fastest way to destress while at work.

Stress Balls and Silly Putty

Distracting yourself with physical items can offer great relief by focusing your mind on a more calming scenario. Stress balls, silly putty, thumb stones, hand grippers and more all help to relieve some tension whenever you feel the need.

Adding Mood Lighting

In a previous article, I discussed the importance of lighting in an office space. Everyone has experienced siting in a brightly lit room for hours and then turning off the lights. Not only does this calm your eyes, it also calms your mind. In the evenings light your home or a room with relaxing colors. Using blue lights can promote a calm and gentle environment whereas, green and pink lightening can also calm the mind by providing tranquility and peace.

In this day and age when anything can cause stress, whether it’s a stressful commute or dealing with a stressful workload, it is more important than ever to take care of your health.  When your advocate for your own wellbeing, all aspects of your life will improve dramatically, and you will be more productive professionally. 

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